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Corporate Sources firmly believes in a proactive approach to project management incorporating a team of professionals.  When a team is put together to develop a particular project, various tools are enlisted to ensure the successful completion of the project:

 ·         Project Scheduling

Microsoft Project is used to manage the overall project schedule.  Coordination meetings are held, at a minimum, once a month on site with all relevant consultants to maintain communication throughout the process.  Corporate Sources holds weekly team conference calls to identify all issues and concerns of the team.  Meeting minutes are kept and distributed.  Schedules are reviewed and updated.  Critical path items are identified early and addressed in order to avoid delays or acceleration charges. 


·         Project Budget

Spreadsheets are used by Corporate Sources to internally maintain control over the project budgets and clarify tenant vs. base building issues.  A detailed, accurate record is kept and shared in an open book fashion with the client.  Value engineering is always encouraged by all consultants and contractors to help save money for all.  All changes in contracts are reviewed and approved by the applicable parties prior to any work performed.  The client need not worry that tenant dollars are being spent without their knowledge or approval.


·         Tenant, Architect  and Contractor Coordination

One of the unique assets that Corporate Sources brings to the table is that our project managers have all sat on the clients’ side of the table before. They have gained most of their experience representing the client in front of developers for various fortune 500 companies such as AT&T, Merck, Allstate and IBM.  By being familiar with the client’s point of view, Corporate Sources is better able to address client concerns and needs.  Corporate Sources sees their team as being the focal point for all of the parties involved in the project.  This allows the architect, contractor, client, etc., to have a single point of contact.  This assists in the flow of information and helps control the project process.


·         Quality & Value Management

Corporate Sources’ belief is that quality and value are not an option, they are a requirement.  Our clients expect a quality project from a quality project manager.  Corporate Sources expects the same.  Our personnel are continually trained in Quality Management.  This allows us to be better equipped to identify, understand and respond to the needs and expectations of our clients in a timely manner.  Corporate Sources believes in repeat business from satisfied clients.  The majority of our work comes from client references.  This will only happen if a quality project is delivered on time and in budget.


·         Furniture Coordination

Corporate Sources is available to assist with furniture vendor comparison, bidding and selection.  By creating a healthy competitive atmosphere, substantial savings can be found in procuring furniture for a project.  Order specification and processing, delivery and installation assistance and construction coordination are all key parts to a successful furniture installation.


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