400 Northridge Road
Suite 620
Atlanta, GA   30350
770.449.9007  tel
770.441.7611    fax

Sources, Inc.



Location:            Atlanta, GA
Size:                      134,000 SF
Description:      Relocation of Office and Call Center Facilities



Location:           Atlanta, GA
Size:                     9,500 SF
Description:     Office and Warehouse Expansion
                               (Corporate Sources provided Project Management for
                                           the original facility developed ten years previously)


Location:            Atlanta, GA; Denver, CO
Size:                      250,000 SF; 70,000 SF
Description:      Office and Call Center Facilities


Location:            Joplin, MO; Davenport, IA; Pueblo, CO
Size:                      75,000 SF; 75,000 SF; 60,000 SF
Description:      Call Center Facilities


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